A billion websites – does yours stand out?

Since the first website was launched in 1991, the internet has quickly become home to nearly a billion websites. In today’s tech-driven world it has become more and more imperative for businesses, organizations, and even people to have an online presence. However, a mere website is not enough – your business needs to stand out amongst the (literally) millions of others out there.  In Canada alone, there are over one million businesses today! Succeeding as a business owner can be incredibly difficult, but also incredible rewarding. Our vision for North + Morello Marketing Co. is to help you develop a strategy that will launch your business into success and then help you achieve that strategy in practical ways. Whether you are starting from scratch or needing a re-birth of your existing business and/or website, we can help you create a physical and online presence that fits your specific needs and style. Our years of business ownership, management experience, and design skills create the perfect triple threat that can make your business the next greatest thing.

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Comprehensive Web Design | eCommerce | Blog | Search Engine Optimization | Social Media Strategy and Online Presence | Graphic Design | Branding | Marketing Strategy Development | Financial Analysis | Business Organization | Efficiency Expertise | Additional Services (as required)

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From start to finish, our goal is to keep things simple and deliver on your expectations. Above all else, we promise to listen to you, respect your vision and provide our professional recommendations where appropriate.

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Our team works closely together to strategize and deliver on your specific needs. If you have additional needs outside of our usual scope of experience, we will work with you to either recommend quality professionals or contract additional members to our team that will enable us to fulfill your needs.

Client Testimonial

What’s In The Name?

Since I (Kathleen) created my first website at the age of 14, I’ve always loved the challenge and beauty of creating something totally new out of nothing. I still can’t quite wrap my head around how the things that I type on my keyboard suddenly become beautiful designs and words that live in this mysterious thing we call “The Internet”. I chose the name North and Morello because it is how I would tell you how to get to my childhood home on an island far away from here – “go north and take Morello”. Although I live over a thousand kilometres from that green forested island now, I wanted a name that would be meaningful, something that would always remind me to find my way home. “North and Morello” is my reminder to never forget that thing inside that makes me come alive, to lean into the space in my heart where creativity lives, to take care and pride in every keystroke and listen carefully to my own heart and the hearts of others. I invite you to join me on this journey as we take a road that is both familiar and new to us; let’s dare to see what is waiting to be discovered ahead.

“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.”

 Peter F. Drucker


Choosing a web designer and/or business coach can be a difficult decision. There are many out there and many will do a great job. We would love the opportunity to treat you to coffee, get to know each other and let you decide if you would like to move forward together with absolutely no pressure. You can use the contact form below or contact us directly.

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